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   VISION: Ninth Street Tabernacle Ministries of the Future
We envision a church that is focused on spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who are unchurched or have been hurt by the church in the past and need encouragement to forgive, forget and return to the Lord.

We envision a church where people regardless of skin color are accepted; and a place where we love one another; have a shepherd with a heart for God; is relationship focused and where we learn through our community of believers to encourage, forgive and serve.

We envision a church that is a training ground for the Paducah community and will have facilities to accommodate our growth and be accessible to residents of the city. We envision a church that through community service and evangelism will reach a dying world and will grow as a result of our service and evangelism in the community.

We envision a church that will always be on the cutting edge as God leads.


    This is our vision - This is our dream

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